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Dark Matter
Dark Matter, for :iconsingyoursong13: 's competition.
She looks gray-colored like this, instead of black, sorry! I wish I knew how to make her look darker.

Not a very fancy picture. I'm going to have to practice much, much more. Maybe a few more years will do the trick.

Edit: Whoops.
It's :iconfirehart95: 's OC, and not singyoursong's.
Happy birthday, firehart95, I guess?
Art Horse
Drawing the first few people was great and then I just sort of went mehhhhhh and mwap'd on the table... and the shadows... and everything else.
I needed lots and lots of practice looking at art styles, and understanding what makes things look nice.

Notes to
Tsitra: That's you up on the sign
CouchCrusader: I honestly don't know what you look like man so you're like teen-spike shaped or something
feels like you can be the only sane one on stream sometimes (plus SilfoeArts)
NCMares: why are you a cactus
SilfoeArts: Woah, you like, have your life together and stuff? chill af neat-o kean-o
coffee coffee coffee coffee
tuna out of ten would tuna again
AssasinMonkey: you're, like, weeeiiiirdddd
but like
not complaining
I Can't Believe It's Not Silfoe™
you're giggly!
You took the longest to try and draw!
I'm sorry
I don't know fox/cat/mouse anatomy
take these for compensation

Time taken: probably like 30 hours
Programs used: Paint Tool Sai, and like 2% of Photoshop CS6
Hasbro was the source for these ponies! Hasbro!!! Not me!!1! No sue pls!@!
:iconlyracryingplz: Queen-Chrysalis-Gasp
Go look at these guys
Tsitra :icontsitra360:
Couch :iconcouch-crusader:
Silfoe :iconsilfoe:
NCMares :iconncmares:
Monkey :iconassasinmonkey:
Imalou :iconimalou:
Kenishra :iconkenishra:
Gremlin :icongremlingrenade:
A project for my physics teacher.

Plugging numbers into equations without thinking can lead to unexpected results, such as a negative magnitude of gravitational acceleration.
Protect yourself against plug-in-itis: understand the concepts!
Family, Celestia. They are my Family.
And you are not.

Practicing value-saturation to angle technique, without changing base color.

Used Paint Tool Sai.
Took about 7 hours, me not being professional in any way.

Also, Christmas! Green and Red! (Anger and Envy?)


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United States


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